The Series

The dying man dumped in the alley gave the zealot an epiphany.
“Hurry before someone sees.”
“Who is this?”
“A cosmic gift.”
“You have the Crimson Key?”
“Quickly while he still breathes!”
“What about Diomedes?”
“We serve the Dark … Read More

“We aren’t so different,” Magus Diomedes said. “We both feel Morinth took advantage of these people in their greatest time of need.”
“You just tried to kill me and that War Hammer commander,” … Read More

The cyborg affixed the Assassin’s Claw as he entered the medical suite.
“Patron Sylvus,” Venator said. “You’ve been outbid.”
“Fickle allegiances,” Sylvus mumbled. “The bane of diplomacy.”
“Just business.”
“So it is.”

“Look like you went on a space jump without the suit,” the barman offered.
“Just lost my best friend and nearly became a sacrifice to some mystical being,” Prax said, taking a drink.
“Eh,” … Read More

“Got a friend locked up at the Spire,” the man said. “I got away, he didn’t.”
“His unluckiness isn’t my problem,” Marcus Orn replied.
“He’s Merriment,” the man whispered. “Like me.”
Orn turned around … Read More

“Out of the shadows, tin man,” Morinth said as he sipped from a chalice.
The cyborg stepped forth and Ostergard drew his gun, but Morinth held up a hand.
“Patron Sylvus lives,” Venator … Read More

“The Dark Presence won’t need guns to conquer,” Diomedes cried out from his cell.
“This man’s a Merriment terrorist,” Prax said looking at Vander. “Killed good men on the ridge.”
“Then we’ll make him … Read More

“Guns today,” a voice said. “Your freedom tomorrow.”
The angry mob turned to see Marcus Orn at a corner table.
“We ain’t giving up nothing,” a drunk man spouted, reaching for his blaster.
“So take … Read More

“Soldiers,” a hooded man said to Magus Diomedes, interrupting the sacrifice. “They demand our weapons.”
“Commander Prax?” A Prime Army soldier asked when he saw Prax on the altar. “What’s going on here?”
“You don’t wanna know,” Prax replied…. Read More

The hovering cameras rolled.
“A recent attempt on my life,” Morinth said, “and the loss of the entire Oligarchy council, has compelled me to enact a planet-wide ban on blasters and all manufactured … Read More

Dried detoxifying foam crunched underneath the cyborg’s feet as he walked through the meeting hall, passing a handful of dead men, and made his way over to Patron Sylvus, who despite … Read More

Several black-clad men armed with blasters led Boren Prax and Vander Cervos through a hidden archway carved into the rock overlooking the bay and into a large, candlelit cathedral beneath the … Read More

“Who called this assembly,” Oligarch Morinth barked as he stormed into the meeting hall out of breath and disheveled. Caught off guard, the remaining members of the Oligarchy, and one other … Read More

“Scavengers like you are worse than the Planetfallers,” Prax barked as he ragdolled Vander Cervos by the collar and looked over at the dead Prime Army soldiers on the ridge. “Killing … Read More

“The Oligarchy has called an emergency session, m’lord,” Perius Yurlay hurriedly stepped in to report as Oligarch Morinth regarded a bloody and disheveled Marcus Orn with disdain and displeasure. “Should I … Read More

A strategic rocket launch into an outcropping above the Prime Army soldiers abruptly ended the heated exchange, burying several men beneath rubble and effectively blocking the path to the bay. Vander … Read More

Oligarch Morinth was monitoring the bay firefight when Perius Yurlay stepped over and whispered, “A moment, your excellency.”
Morinth, frustrated that it was taking longer than it should to eliminate a few … Read More

The infantryman happened to spot the rogue as he peered through his scope, sweeping the area to check for bogies as the Prime Army rapidly descended the cliff and made their … Read More

A bloodied hand shot up out of the murky water and Commander Boren Prax pulled himself onto the slowing sinking fuselage debris as he gasped for air. The Juggernaut had just … Read More

Vander stood on the platform watching The Juggernaut sink in the water as Krest and the rest of Merriment’s crew loaded up the stolen Oligarchy ore and prepped for a quick … Read More

Oligarch Morinth watched The Juggernaut dip forward and dive into the sea beyond the cliffs of New Jericho. Cheers erupted in the War Room as he turned to General Ostergard and … Read More

Anger surged within him as Freego fell. The alien was his friend and contempt for his enemy multiplied. Prax closed the distance between them, dodging blaster fire and revealing a dagger … Read More

General Ostergard stared out the window of the War Room where just moments ago he could’ve sworn he saw Prax crash the Arrowhead through the hangar bay doors of that flying … Read More

Smoke billowed, claxons screamed, lights flashed, controls sparked. Commander Boren Prax looked back over his shoulder into the cargo hold to make sure the hulking Plotarian, Lieutenant Freego, was still in … Read More

“The fools rush to meet death,” Corporal Vyne mused to himself as he stood on the command deck of The Juggernaut watching as the Arrowhead, continuously firing its railgun it what … Read More

The collective members of Merriment divided their attention between watching the skies as the titans clashed above, and dodging the blaster fire and flying debris below. Their apparent leader, if the … Read More

Oligarch Morinth, goblet full of some forgotten world’s wine in hand, stood at the window wall of his suite atop the Black Spire jutting above the lesser buildings of New Jericho … Read More

Makeshift tabletops tumbled, throwing secondhand clothing and junkyard finds across the Merchant’s Quarter as The Juggernaut unleashed Lord Orn’s fury upon the city. Crushed rock and metallic debris from the nearby … Read More

General Ostergard stood motionless with mouth agape as Lord Orn began turning New Jericho into cannon fodder. Not one to waste time, Commander Prax sprinted down the corridor towards the exit … Read More

Vander Cervos waited until The Juggernaut’s bombardment began before swiftly darting in and out the shadows towards the smoldering mining facility. With his tattered, green cloak flowing behind him, he stole … Read More

Claxons blared as The Juggernaut’s defense system warned of a target lock and forthcoming attack. Corporal Vyne twirled his finger in a circular motion, signaling for various gunners to take their … Read More

General Ostergard was pontificating to some lesser officers about the diligence of the Prime Army and its surface-to-air strikers that were sure to blast The Juggernaut out of the sky as … Read More

Lieutenant Freego was already on the helipad feeding a belt through his trusty M60 as Commander Boren Prax arrived. Freego’s machine gun, far too heavy for most soldiers to lug around … Read More

“Scanner’s got three heat sigs about twenty yards on the other side of this wall,” Corporal Dravin Mern reported as he studied a handheld thermal radar device pressed against the concrete … Read More

Commander Boren Prax was a legend. Leader of the infamous Coyote Pack during the waning days of the civil war, Prax and his team were personally responsible for saving Oligarch Morinth’s … Read More

The narrow back alley of New Jericho, the sprawling, semi-dystopic capital city of Horus Prime, was crowded with tent dwellers, junk hawkers and members of the lowest class who were far … Read More

“Got one over here,” called Blake Ilsore, a wide-eyed soldier and part of a small contingency Oligarch Morinth insisted come along with the members of War Hammer. “Ain’t talking though.”
Ilsore was … Read More

Oligarch Morinth, chair of the High Council and defacto leader of Horus Prime, walked with a brisk pace down the stretch of black marble that lined the walls and floor of … Read More

The Juggernaut, a Vexel-class Freighter crudely converted into a flying fortress during the days after the civil war, loomed large over the planet Horus Prime as Lord Orn stood in front … Read More

The soldier carefully studied the three vertical dots inside the mounted scope of his X-32 Mercer Sniper Rifle as his prey came into focus. The scope, with it’s distinct red, orange … Read More

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