2. The Approach

2. The Approach

The Juggernaut, a Vexel-class Freighter crudely converted into a flying fortress during the days after the civil war, loomed large over the planet Horus Prime as Lord Orn stood in front of the open bay doors, wind whipping at his cape as he surveyed the walled city of New Jericho on the horizon.

“Right out the sky,” Lord Orn asked without looking back, “All of them?”

“Yes, my Lord,” Sergeant Forge offered back with a slight hesitation. “Seems that snipers were posted-“

“Along the mountain ridge,” Lord Orn interrupted. “And why didn’t your long range scouts see this coming?”

“I…,” Sergeant Forge said before suddenly being at a loss for words.

Without warning, Lord Orn whipped around, grabbed Forge by his throat and hurled him backwards, through the bay doors and into the sky. His screams slowly faded from distance and the constant hum of The Juggernaut’s engines.

Lord Orn dusted off his hands and pointed to an awaiting Corporal standing nearby.

“You,” Orn demanded.

“Corporal Vyne,” the man stammered, “At your service, m’Lord.

“Learn from your predecessor’s mistake, Vyne,” Lord Orn told him. “I want that entire ridgeline lit up with blaster fire.”

“Yessir, Lord Orn, I-“

“Now!” Orn yelled as he turned back to the open sky and pointed towards the mountains that jutted out of the rocky terrain alongside New Jericho. “Make an example of them!”

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