3. Oligarch Morinth

3. Oligarch Morinth

Oligarch Morinth, chair of the High Council and defacto leader of Horus Prime, walked with a brisk pace down the stretch of black marble that lined the walls and floor of the corridor that connected the War Room with his personal chambers. Scurrying by his side, as if a newborn pup, was his aide, Perius Yurlay.

“Reports from the ridge indicate no Planetfaller survivors, your Excellency,” Yurlay told Morinth as he tried to keep up.

“Yet I still see their crude monstrosity hovering in my skies,” Oligarch Morinth snapped as he looked out a floor-to-ceiling window, one of many that lined his penthouse atop the Black Spire.

The Black Spire was constructed immediately following the war, when Horus Prime was a tattered member of the allied planets of Tribune and it’s citizens were wrought with worry and gripped with fear.

It was Oligarch Morinth that proposed such an ominous structure be built so to “fight fear with fear” and to give “anyone who dared to attack a fear of their own.”

It was also Oligarch Morinth who proposed that he reside at it’s peak in order to face down any threats to his people or planet. There was never an election of leadership. Never a decision made as to who the planet belonged to. It was simply proposed, by Oligarch Morinth, that he and his Advisors assume the role of leadership themselves.

Oligarch Morinth formed the Oligarchy and created the Prime Army. And from there, due to the rise of PlanetFallers, the War Hammer.

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