4. No Prisoners

4. No Prisoners

“Got one over here,” called Blake Ilsore, a wide-eyed soldier and part of a small contingency Oligarch Morinth insisted come along with the members of War Hammer. “Ain’t talking though.”

Ilsore was barely able to finish his commentary as the large, hulking frame of Lieutenant Freego, a Plotarian who was second-in-command of War Hammer, stomped over and pushed the soldier aside to get a good look at their captive.

“I will give you one chance to be honest,” Freego said as he balled up a massive fist and held it to the man’s face. “Where is the rest of your cell?”

“Shot out of the sky by you,” the man, a wiry humanoid with what looked like several battles worth of scars, said through a strange dialect. “Look to the bottom of the ridge to find their remains if you wish.”

“Yet somehow you survived my snipers,” Freego asked. “Unlikely.”

Freego looked over at Ilsore and made a slight, almost unnoticeable gesture for him to check the cliffs for bodies anyway before turning back to the man and clasping his vice grip-like hand on his shoulder, lifting him off the ground and pulling him closer.

“It is more likely that you are part of a second wave,” Freego half-growled. “Filthy insects who scurried underground while your compatriots fell from the sky.”

The man offered no inclination to the theory in response. He simply grunted in pain from the crushing grip Freego had on his shoulder.

“Snipers report six men were observed exiting The Juggernaut,” Ilsore said as he walked back over. “And six targets destroyed before making landfall.”

“And this man’s group,” Freego asked without taking his eyes off his quarry. “How many have we rounded up?”

“Just this one, sir,” Ilsore replied. “Two were killed when we ambushed them, three more are in the wind.”

“So they come in groups of six,” Freego stated, almost as if thinking aloud. “Three dead, three still at-large.”

“But, sir,” Ilsore rebutted, “There’s only two-“

Freego suddenly slid his giant hand from the man’s shoulder to his neck, squeezing so fast and so intensely that it cracked almost within an eyeblink.

“Prisoners will slow us down,” Freego said as he nonchalantly flung the man’s corpse to the ground. “Three dead, three to find.”

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