7. Martyrs

7. Martyrs

“Scanner’s got three heat sigs about twenty yards on the other side of this wall,” Corporal Dravin Mern reported as he studied a handheld thermal radar device pressed against the concrete wall. “Moving this way quick.”

“Lock and load,” Captain Jasper Corvin said as he turned to two men holding heavy guns. “Let the breaching payloads fly on my mark.”

“Who’s the dead meat on the other side,” Specialist Paryn asked as he nodded towards the scanner.

“Don’t know, don’t care,” Captain Corvin said with a shrug. “War Hammer told the brass that these guys got plans to blow the refinery. We’re not gonna let that happen.”

“Fifteen yards and now creeping,” Corporal Mern called out.

“So these jokers switched from stealing ore to blowing it up,” Private Hexer asked. “Doesn’t jive.”

“Doesn’t matter, Private,” Captain Corvin barked. “It’s not your job to think. It’s your job to pull that trigger.”

“Sir,” the Private said with a nod.

“That giant warship hovering over New Jericho doesn’t jive either, does it, Hexer,” joked Paryn. “Or does that make sense to you?”

“Ten yards and picked up the pace,” Corporal Mern reported. “Wait… one of them split off.”

“What,” Captain Corvin asked as he walked over to look at the scanner. “How’d you lose the third guy?”

“I don’t know,” Mern replied. “I was listening to those two idiots and- wait…”

Paryn and Hexer both looked over towards Corvin and Mern.

“What’s the deal, Captain,” Specialist Paryn called out. “There a problem?”

“Okay, third guy’s back,” Mern said with a sigh of relief.

“Where’d he go,” Captain Corvin asked.

“Hang on…,” Corporal Mern said as he held up a finger and stared at the sensor screen. “One of them is… waving something.

“Waving something,” the Captain quizzed as he looked at the screen. “What’s he doing?”

“We need to blast this wall now or what, Captain,” Paryn asked. “Let us know something.”

“Yea, Cap,” Private Hexer echoed. “Should we blast these guys already?”

“Wait,” Captain Corvin quickly snapped before returning his gaze to the heat signature of a man holding up something in the middle of the walkway on the other side of the wall.

“Is that a…,” Mern questioned aloud. “A trigger or something?”

“Trigger,” Paryn asked. “What the hell is Mern talking about, Captain?”

Captain Corvin’s eyes went wide and he turned to Mern and shook his head.

“He slips out of your sight for two seconds,” Corvin yelled. “And now…”

“Captain,” Specialist Paryn yelled out as both he and Private Hexer lifted up their heavy guns and took aim. “We doing this?”




Captain Corvin spun around and began to unload his own gun through the wall as Corporal Mern watched the man through the sensor twist the top of the device in his hand. The screen crackled. The room lit up with muzzle flashes, then everything went white from the Semtex explosion.

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