1. Fish in a Barrel

1. Fish in a Barrel

The soldier carefully studied the three vertical dots inside the mounted scope of his X-32 Mercer Sniper Rifle as his prey came into focus. The scope, with it’s distinct red, orange and yellow dots was a welcomed departure from the standard issued single line models that didn’t do jack for helping to hit anything. It was a wonder why the Oligarchy even passed them out, but then again, who could figure them out anyway?

He started to comment about the scope when his partner motioned up towards the sky. The soldier took his eye off his prize for a moment to count that five more PlanetFallers had broken through the clouds and were headed in.

“More incoming,” the soldier said as he refocused on his PlanetFaller through the scope.

He waited until the dead center of the heavily-armed mercenary crossed from the red dot to the orange dot and into the yellow dot before pulling the trigger. A second later, the soldier watched through his scope as the PlanetFaller jerked, clutched his chest, and instantly went limp.

“Good riddance,” the soldier’s partner spat out before tapping him on the shoulder. “Time to go.”

The soldier shook his head. He continued to watch through the scope as the lifeless mercenary raced toward the surface.

“Wait,” the soldier said with a wry smile. “Wait…”

Through the scope, the soldier held his breath just before he saw the man impact with the rocky terrain in a spray of red and debris.

“Now,” the soldier exclaimed to the dead man, “You’re a real planet faller.”

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