27. Enter the Magus

27. Enter the Magus

“Scavengers like you are worse than the Planetfallers,” Prax barked as he ragdolled Vander Cervos by the collar and looked over at the dead Prime Army soldiers on the ridge. “Killing for nothing but personal gain and looting the corpses.”

“We distribute wealth,” Cervos replied. “But I wouldn’t expect a Prime Army dog to-”

Before he could finish, two invisible hands yanked each man backwards, hurling them both on their backs into the rock-riddled sand.

“As we speak, the Oligarchy is being dismantled and Morinth’s power, and his Army, are being wiped away,” offered Magus Diomedes as he floated inches above the sand and hovered towards Prax. “Seems you’re out of a job, Commander.”

“The trickster is out from under his rock,” Prax replied. “Morinth has made sure everyone on Horus Prime serves him, including you and your kind.”

“Has he now? I have recently persuaded the Patronage that Magi, not Oligarchy, are better suited to lead on Horus Prime,” Diomedes mused as he motioned to the debris on the beach and the bay where The Juggernaut sank. “In light of this wholly preventable attack.”

“Why would the bankers want to back disgraced relics of the past like the Magi,” Prax replied. “You have nothing to offer the future.”

“I offer the Patronage untold profit since money is their religion,” Diomedes said as a grin crept across his face. “And to everyone else… a choice. Serve me or die.”

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